PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from January 1-5, 2024

The Top Gaming News from from January 1-5, 2024

PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from January 1-5, 2024

Immerse yourself in the exciting gaming news from January 1-5, 2024. Stay informed about the newest game releases and crucial events molding the gaming landscape. Our regular roundup brings you essential news and critical moments, spotlighting the significant advancements and trends in the gaming sector.

Microsoft Debuts a New Button on PC Keyboards

Microsoft introduced a new ‘Copilot‘ key, marking the first significant change in its keyboard design in nearly three decades. The Copilot key, expected to replace the current menu key beside the spacebar. Its design aims to make AI interaction seamless for Windows users. A simple press activates the Copilot in Windows. 

This new feature is a technological advancement and a nod to Microsoft’s history. Nearly 30 years ago, the introduction of the Windows key transformed how users interacted with their PCs. The Copilot key, poised to mirror this impact, provides a gateway into the world of AI on PCs.

However, it remains to be seen how users will receive this new feature. While it promises to enhance user experience, it also raises questions about its practicality and acceptance among users. The rollout of the Copilot key will vary by market and device, and its functionality will require a Microsoft account. 

Readyverse Brings ‘Ready Player One’ to Metaverse

For fans of “Ready Player One,” a new virtual world called the Readyverse is in the works. This project is a a collaboration between Futureverse, Warner Bros Discovery, and author Ernest Cline. It aims to bring the novel’s vision of an open metaverse to life.

Much like in the novel, the Readyverse sets itself against the backdrop of a dystopian society where people seek escape in a digital world. The story revolves around Watts, an impoverished orphan, who navigates the virtual world of OASIS in search of a puzzle that could grant him immense wealth and control over the digital universe. Fans can expect the game to launch in 2024 and sign up for early access.

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against tech giants Microsoft and OpenAI. The suit, lodged in Manhattan federal court, accuses the defendants of unlawfully using millions of The Times’ articles to train their large language models (LLMs) and other products. The newspaper seeks billions of dollars in damages, although the exact amount is not specified.

The New York Times alleges that its content was crucial in training OpenAI’s models due to its high journalism quality. The lawsuit reveals that during the training of GPT-3, one of the key datasets included nearly 210,000 unique URLs from The Times. Furthermore, the largest dataset used for GPT-3 training contained at least 16 million unique records from The Times.

The lawsuit emphasizes that The Times had been negotiating with Microsoft and OpenAI for months, seeking a fair agreement to use its content. OpenAI, through spokesperson Lindsey Held, expressed surprise and disappointment at the lawsuit, noting that the company believed the negotiations had been constructive. They remain hopeful for a mutually beneficial resolution, as they have achieved with other publishers.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Launching This Year

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, now titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, is confirmed to be released this year. This news was revealed in a recent PlayStation video that showcased some of the biggest games coming to the platform in 2024.

While the exact release date for the remake is still under wraps, fans of the iconic series can look forward to revisiting the thrilling world of espionage and action. The original “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” earns renown for its deep storytelling and innovative gameplay, and the remake promises to bring these elements to modern gaming platforms.

The game will feature some of the original cast and will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This update is part of a larger trend of remaking classic games with modern technology. The PlayStation video also confirmed that the “Silent Hill 2” remake is set to be released later this year.

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