We deliver exceptional player experiences and drive growth for gaming studios.

Our Journey

Born from a love for tech and gaming, we started with a dream: to redefine player support in Southeast Asia. From our early days crafting gaming platforms to evolving into a powerhouse B2B company, our journey showcases our adaptability and forward-thinking spirit.

Timeline of the company's journey from a gaming guild to a game publishing company

More Than Just a Team: We're Players First

Our passion? Gaming. Our mission? To give every player an unforgettable experience. We’re not just here to do a job; we’re here because we love the game. From strategists to gamers, every one of us is driven by a shared passion: to deliver the best for fellow gamers.

Leadership Team

CEO Cholo Maputol disguised as Kunkka DOTA character

Cholo Maputol

COO Rupert Cabrera disguised as Warlock DOTA character

Rupert Cabrera

CTO Arlo Cristobal disguised as Axe DOTA character

Arlo Cristobal

VP of Business Development, Justin Khoo disguised as Sniper DOTA character
VP, Business Development

Justin Khoo

CMO Ricardo Sentosa disguised as Invoker DOTA character

Ricardo Sentosa

Gaming and Esports Director Lawson Lee disguised as a DOTA character
Director, Gaming and Esports

Lawson Lee

Authentic Solutions, Tailored for Gamers

We get it. Every game, every player, every moment counts. That’s why we craft player-centric solutions that resonate, ensuring your game isn’t just played—it’s loved.

Excellence in Every Game, Every Time

With us, expect nothing less than a dedicated, professional team, all geared up to take your game to the next level in Asia and beyond.


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