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The PIF Nation Journey

Born from a love for tech and gaming, we started with a dream: to redefine player support in Southeast Asia. From our early days crafting gaming platforms to evolving into a powerhouse B2B company, our journey showcases our adaptability and forward-thinking spirit.

The Humble Beginnings: Railings University 

In 2021, during the peak of Play-to-Earn (P2E) brought about by the popularity of Axie Infinity, we embarked on our journey. Starting as a blockchain gaming guild named Railings University, we quickly became a beacon for gamers. Within a year, we got over 5,000 P2E scholars, and our community grew to an impressive 20,000+ members.

Expanding Horizons: Partnerships and Investments

Our growth was not just in numbers but in vision. As our guild expanded, so did our aspirations. We forged partnerships and invested in over 30 web3 games, all with a singular mission – to make play more rewarding. These games opened doors for our community, offering them P2E opportunities.

A New Chapter: The Quest Platform 

2022 was a landmark year for us. We were fueled to innovate with the successful completion of a
US$6 million private round
. By mid-year, we introduced the gaming world to the Quest platform, now known as railings.io. More than just a platform, it became a hub for gamers, an online job board where they could embark on Quests and earn rewards ranging from cash, NFTs, merchandise, and mobile loads. This innovation skyrocketed our community to a staggering 100,000 members.

Evolving with the Times: Embracing B2B 

Come 2023, with a rich history and a vast community behind us, we pivoted. Recognizing the potential of the Southeast Asian gaming market, we transformed into a game marketing agency. Our goal? To be the bridge for game studios and developers, helping them navigate and establish themselves in this vibrant market.

Timeline of PIF Nation's journey from a gaming guild to a game publishing company

Backed by Industry Leaders

Our foundation is strengthened by the unwavering support of some of the most respected names in the industry. These organizations have placed their trust in our vision, recognizing the potential we hold and the impact we aim to create in the gaming world. As we continue to innovate and expand, the backing of these industry titans serves as a testament to our commitment, passion, and drive. 

PIF Nation investors

Leadership Team

The strength of PIF Nation lies not just in our innovative platforms or our passionate community but in the seasoned leadership steering our course. Our leadership team, a collective of visionaries and strategists, boasts an impressive legacy. Their invaluable experience, garnered from their time at some of the world’s most renowned companies, infuses our operations with insights and best practices that set us apart.

CEO Cholo Maputol disguised as Kunkka DOTA character

Cholo Maputol

COO Rupert Cabrera disguised as Warlock DOTA character

Rupert Cabrera

CTO Arlo Cristobal disguised as Axe DOTA character

Arlo Cristobal

VP of Business Development, Justin Khoo disguised as Sniper DOTA character
VP, Business Development

Justin Khoo

CMO Ricardo Sentosa disguised as Invoker DOTA character

Ricardo Sentosa

Gaming and Esports Director Lawson Lee disguised as a DOTA character
Director, Gaming and Esports

Lawson Lee

Our Global Presence

Our team spans continents and cultures. From the Philippines and Indonesia to Canada and Singapore, our presence is felt everywhere. This geographical diversity brings a rich tapestry of experiences, ideas, and insights. Regardless of location, each member contributes uniquely to our collective vision, making us more than just a company – we’re a global community.

PIF Nation Map


Discover more about our journey, insights, and stories on our blog or reach out to us directly.

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