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What's the use of XP?

The XP system serves as a digital currency within our online platform. Our registered users have the opportunity to earn XP through various activities, such as playing games, and can redeem their accumulated XP to acquire a wide range of merchandise, vouchers, and computer accessories that will soon be made available on our website.

How do I earn from the quests?
The type of games available in the community can vary widely, from casual games to more complex and challenging games.
How do I join the Railings University?
What type of games are available for the community to play?

To participate in the various events and activities offered by our organization, it is necessary to first register on our website ( Upon accessing the site, potential participants will be able to select their preferred method of registration. Once registration is complete, participants are encouraged to visit the Quest page, where they can choose a Quest that aligns with their interests and abilities. After successfully completing the selected Quest, it is essential that participants wait for validation from our team. Upon receipt of validation, participants will be able to claim their reward for successful completion of the Quest.

Is there any age restriction to join the community and play games?
Our community has no age restrictions for joining. However, for individuals under the age of majority, we require written consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to participation.
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