Behind The Pixels: The Journey of Hermit Crab Game Studio with Matheus Vivian

Behind the Pixels (Matheus Vivian)

Behind The Pixels: The Journey of Hermit Crab Game Studio with Matheus Vivian

Welcome to another episode of “Behind the Pixels,” where we highlight the minds that bring games to life. Today, we’re chatting with Matheus Vivian, the CEO of Hermit Crab Game Studio, about his journey from football to gaming. Let’s dig into game development with Matheus, looking at the passion, creativity, and resilience that drives his journey.

From the Football Field to the Gaming Arena

In the heart of Brazil, where the rhythm of samba meets the passion of football, emerged a player named Matheus Vivian. For 18 years, he showed his skill and dedication on football fields around the world. But as the curtains closed on his football career, a new stage was set. “I transitioned into the field of management and communication,” Matheus shared. His journey shows the importance of welcoming change and following your passion with strong determination.

Crafting a New Legacy: Hermit Crab Game Studio

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Banner by Hermit Crab Game Studio

In 2016, a new player entered the gaming industry – Hermit Crab Game Studio, co-founded by Matheus. Their vision, to create a unique blend of sports and gaming. The studio embarked on a mission to craft experiences that resonate with fans across the globe. Our goal is to connect with sports enthusiasts and introduce them to engaging gameplay experiences,” Matheus explained.

The studio specializes in mobile games, forging partnerships with renowned sports brands such as Arsenal, Manchester City, and FC Barcelona. Each game is a canvas where the studio paints the essence of sports with strokes of innovation and creativity.

A Diverse Portfolio: Games That Resonate

Our journey began with our very first game featuring Leandro Barbosa, a prominent basketball player,” Matheus reminisced. This partnership was a beacon, illuminating the path towards numerous collaborative ventures that enriched their gaming odyssey.

Hermit Crab Game Studio boasts a diverse portfolio, reflecting its expertise and commitment to excellence. Games like Manchester City Freestyle Academy and Arsenal Football Merge are gateways to immersive experiences.

Through these games, the studio navigates the rich tapestry of football history. This allows players to engage with the sport in a novel and exciting way. The gameplay is not just about competition. It’s about exploring the evolution of football, understanding its essence, and celebrating its global appeal.

Building Bridges with Brands

Banner by Hermit Crab Game Studio

Collaboration is a cornerstone of Hermit Crab’s success. The studio crafts games that resonate globally by forging alliances with powerful brands and intellectual properties. Our main goal is to bring the essence of these IPs to the gameplay and connect different audiences,” Matheus explained. This synergy of brand essence with gaming innovation results in experiences that transcend the ordinary, creating a vibrant nexus where stories unfold and adventures await.

Speaking about their collaborative ethos, Matheus shared, When we work with brands, our main goal is to connect with players in a way that brings authenticity to the gaming experience.” This insight unveils the studio’s philosophy of intertwining brand narratives seamlessly within the gaming fabric to enhance player engagement and immersion.

The aspirations of Hermit Crab soar beyond the conventional, aiming for a global impact that resonates across diverse gaming communities. Our games have a broad range of players because we offer a diverse set of products,” Matheus explains. This diversity is a testament to the studio’s inclusive approach, ensuring that their games are not just played but cherished across various cultures and communities worldwide.

The Tapestry of Challenges and Triumphs

Every odyssey is woven with challenges, and Hermit Crab’s journey is no exception. “To keep the game populated, it is important to invest in a fun and engaging gameplay experience,” Matheus stated, acknowledging the hurdles in sustaining player interest and engagement. The studio navigates these challenges with a compass of creativity, steering towards horizons where players find continuous delight and inspiration.

Speaking about overcoming challenges, he shared,Building a connection with players is crucial. Understand trends, stay updated with new technologies, and develop new games that will resonate with people.This reflects the studio’s strategic approach to navigating the complexities of the gaming industry. 

On community building, Matheus shared, We believe in the power of digital marketing and community engagement to attract and retain players.” These words reflect the studio’s commitment to paying attention to what players want and staying updated with industry changes to make games that really connect with them. This wisdom highlights the importance of being adaptable and always learning to keep up with the gaming industry.

Celebrating the Triumphs

Successes in the gaming journey mark achievements and innovation. Hermit Crab honors these achievements by building a community where players feel important and listened to. We maintain a strong presence on social media to nurture a relationship with the community,Matheus shared, underscoring the studio’s commitment to fostering a vibrant player community.

A Vision of Continuous Innovation

Hermit Crab Game Studio looks forward to creating games and experiences. Matheus Vivian paints a future where innovation flows through every pixel of their creations.We are currently developing a game in partnership with Rumble Kong League, he reveals. This shows the studio’s ongoing growth and dedication to bringing new and fun content to gamers.

Sharing his excitement about their upcoming project, Matheus said,It’s a sports game in development, and we are excited to demonstrate our potential to compete with giants in the market with this title.” This statement shows their confidence to make big progress in the gaming world.

Speaking about future projects, he shared,We are currently working on a major project to create a gaming platform that will consolidate football teams into a single app, offering thematic games for each team.” This bold effort shows their dedication to changing the gaming scene with unique and engaging platforms.

Advice and Wisdom: Guiding the Next Generation

“Matheus Vivian’s journey offers valuable insights for those wanting to make their mark in the gaming world. To create a new game, start with an initial idea that includes fun gameplay,” he advises, emphasizing the essence of enjoyment as the heart of any successful game. His advice helps guide through the steps of game development, focusing on creativity and keeping players interested.

In a field where challenges and innovation are always present, Matheus gives practical advice.”Invest in authenticity and building a connection with the public, he suggests. This highlights how important real engagement and community building are for overcoming challenges and succeeding in the gaming industry.

Matheus offered advice to budding game developers:It is also essential to take the community’s feedback into account to truly understand their expectations and develop the game according to their needs.These words echo the importance of community engagement in creating games that resonate with players’ hearts.

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