Behind The Pixels: Unveiling Citizen Conflict with CEO Rastislav Bakala

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Behind The Pixels: Unveiling Citizen Conflict with CEO Rastislav Bakala

In the latest series of PIF Nation’s Behind the Pixels, we sit down with Rastislav Bakala, the founder and CEO of QORPO Game Studio, to delve into the heart of their latest project, Citizen Conflict. 

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play, blockchain-based hero shooter, a daring leap into a dystopian future . Rastislav shares his journey from conception to the current state of Citizen Conflict, providing a glimpse into the minds behind the pixels.

The Spark of Creation

Rastislav begins by sharing the inspiration behind Citizen Conflict. At its core, Citizen Conflict is a hero shooter set in a bleak future. It’s about survival, strategy, and making a mark in a world on the edge. “We wanted to create a universe that players could dive into, a world that felt alive and teeming with possibilities,” Rastislav explained.

The decision to utilize Unreal Engine 5 was pivotal. Rastislav notes, “This engine was our magic tool. It let us make the game look amazing and feel real, from the big cities to the empty lands.”

A Game of Strategy and Survival

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The journey of developing Citizen Conflict was marked by innovation and challenges. We aimed to blend the familiar fun of hero shooters with something new and exciting. We wanted every match to feel like a strategic battle, where each choice could lead to victory or defeat,” said Rastislav.

Creating the world of Citizen Conflict was no small feat. Rastislav and his team poured their hearts into every pixel, every map, and every character. “Our goal was to make every inch of this game feel like you’re stepping into a movie,” he said. The Unreal Engine 5 was their brush, and the dystopian future was their canvas.

Crafting the World of Citizen Conflict

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The game takes players from the towering skyscrapers of Ether Islands to the eerie quiet of the wastelands. “We wanted each environment to tell a story, to be more than just a backdrop for battles,” Rastislav emphasized. This attention to detail didn’t just apply to the landscapes. The developers carefully craft each hero in Citizen Conflict with unique abilities to add depth to your gameplay.

Mixing the familiar with the new, Citizen Conflict takes what people love about hero shooters and mixes it with elements from battle royales and deathmatches. “We wanted gameplay that keeps you on your toes, where every decision, every move matters,” said Rastislav. However, creating such a dynamic gameplay experience wasn’t without its challenges. The team is committed to ironing out issues like hit registration and weapon balance, despite these being bumps on the road.“It’s a work in progress, but we’re listening to our players and refining the game every day,” he added.

An Economy of the Future

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One of the most innovative aspects of Citizen Conflict is its economy. The game dives into the world of NFTs, offering a new way for players to engage with the game. “We’re exploring uncharted territory here, and we’re excited about the potential,” Rastislav said.
Though still keeping the specifics under wraps, the team focuses on creating an economy that is fair and adds real value to the player’s experience.

Community at the Core and Looking Ahead

At the core of Citizen Conflict’s ongoing development is its community. Rastislav Bakala emphasizes the vital role of player feedback in shaping the game’s future. “Our community is the lifeblood of Citizen Conflict. Their insights and experiences are invaluable to us,” he shares. This two-way dialogue between the developers and the players has been instrumental in identifying areas for improvement.

The design of Citizen Conflict aims to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Whether you’re a fan of visually stunning environments that transport you to another world, a tactical genius who loves strategizing every move, or a blockchain enthusiast curious about the convergence of gaming and technology, Citizen Conflict has something for you. “We’ve built this game with passion, and we hope it offers a unique experience to all who dive into its world,” Rastislav concludes.

A Future Painted in Broad Strokes

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Rastislav is optimistic about the future of Citizen Conflict. With the game still in its late alpha stage, there’s a clear path toward refinement. “We’re just getting started. Our journey of refining Citizen Conflict is ongoing, and with each update, we’re getting closer to realizing our vision for the game,” he states. The developers are committed to addressing feedback, fixing technical issues, and adding new content to keep the game fresh and engaging.

The integration of blockchain technology and NFTs into the game’s economy is one of the most ambitious aspects of Citizen Conflict. While details remain under wraps, the potential for a unique, player-driven economy is immense. “We’re exploring how blockchain can enhance the gaming experience, making it more rewarding and immersive,” explains Rastislav. This forward-thinking approach could redefine how players interact with the game, offering them real stakes in the world they invest their time in.

The Road Ahead

As Citizen Conflict continues to develop, its journey involves collaboration, innovation, and community. The game’s promise to become a mainstay in the hero shooter genre is supported by its developers’ dedication and the players’ active participation. With a foundation built on breathtaking visuals, innovative gameplay, and a pioneering economic model, the future of Citizen Conflict is as exciting as the game world itself.

“Every battle, every player, and every moment in Citizen Conflict is a step toward something great. We’re on a thrilling odyssey through dystopia, and we invite everyone to join us on this journey,” Rastislav invites.

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