PIF Nation x Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends Game Marketing Case Study

Making a Splash: How We Nailed Our Recent Campaign with Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends

In collaboration with Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends, PIF Nation launched a marketing campaign that spanned multiple social media platforms. The campaign was initiated on 1st April 2023 (no joke!) and lasted for several days. Also, we leveraged the influence of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and various types of posts to maximize reach and engagement.

Campaign Performance


The campaign generated a total of 2,717 clicks, leading to 892 installs. That’s a lot of new crew members joining our ship, showing a hearty interest in our adventure!


Conversion Rate

We’re proud to report a whopping conversion rate of 78%. This demonstrates the campaign’s effectiveness in not only attracting users but also converting them into loyal users. Moreover, this high conversion rate is a high-five to our campaign content and its connection with our audience.

Campaign Strategies

We charted a course across multiple social media islands, dropping anchor at Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Our content varied from photo posts, promotional videos, Facebook streams, and stories to maximize engagement and reach.

Buunja and Pawtime were the key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the campaign. Their influence was like a lighthouse, expanding our reach and driving engagement.

Buunja Facebook video for Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends


First, the campaign started with a Facebook photo post on 1st April 2023, which garnered 2,373 likes and reached 76,607 users. Then, this was followed by a promotional video and two Facebook streams on 5th April 2023. 

The promotional video was particularly successful, with 11,369 views, 231,564 likes, and 43 shares. The Facebook streams, based on 15-second views, attracted between 3,600 and 5,100 views. Moreover, it gained likes ranging from 7,900 to 9,200 and shares from 2,400 to 332.

Buunja IG post


An Instagram post on 1st April 2023 received 4,003 views and 60,014 likes, demonstrating high engagement on this platform.

Buunja tiktok post for baby shark bubblefong friends


TikTok was also used for a story post on 3rd April 2023 and a video post on 5th April 2023. The video post was particularly successful, with 50,000 views and 7,814 likes.

pawtime youtube video for baby shark


Lastly, a video posted by Pawtime on 6th April 2023 received 7,400 views and 160 likes, reaching 32,800 users.

Social Media Engagement and Ad Spend

The campaign leveraged multiple social media platforms to maximize reach and engagement. Specifically, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord were used for posting announcements. Also, we stirred up a storm of community engagement and reach even without spending a single penny on ads.

On Facebook, the campaign engaged 344 community members and reached 11,351 users. On the other hand, Twitter saw substantial engagement with 64 community interactions and a reach of 5,136 users. Also, while not providing reach data, Discord had 140 community engagements.

Players Feedback and Bugs Reported

The campaign received several positive testimonials from users, praising the game’s competitive nature, graphics, sound effects, and the responsive support team. However, some users also highlighted areas for improvement, such as the game’s compatibility with different devices and the control system.

Gameplay Concerns

Users reported issues with the matchmaking process, the point system, and network disconnections during gameplay. Moreover, some players reported that others were exploiting the auto-out feature and changing colors without burning out, which could be a bug or an exploit.

Bug Concerns

Users reported several potential bugs, including the site being unreachable on both PC and mobile, the game site being flagged for containing harmful programs, and issues with shooting bubbles. These concerns underscore the importance of thorough testing and prompt bug fixes.



PIF Nation’s game marketing campaign with Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends was a resounding success. It gained high engagement across all platforms and a high conversion rate of clicks to installs. Furthermore, the use of diverse content types and the involvement of KOLs proved effective in maximizing reach and engagement. 

High engagement across multiple platforms and positive user feedback were also observed. Also, the campaign highlighted areas for improvement, providing valuable insights for future campaigns. Overall, this campaign serves as an example of a successful multi-platform marketing strategy.

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