Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained and PIF Nation campaign stats

Gods Unchained took the gaming world by storm, especially with the powerful partnership of IMX and PIF Nation driving its marketing. When they launched it in the Philippines and Indonesia, it was a showstopper. For several weeks, they rolled out a series of quests and events, immersing the community in the game’s universe. But these events weren’t run-of-the-mill; they overflowed with rewards and in-game items waiting for players to claim. To top it off, a dedicated customer support team stood ready around the clock. They didn’t just wait for players to reach out; they actively provided game-related tips, tricks, and answers to any questions that came their way.

The marketing magic truly ignited with the active participation of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). These influencers didn’t just play and stream the game; they became its champions, driving its popularity to new heights. One KOL even crafted a video that exploded online, racking up an impressive 1.8 million views. The grand finale? A two-day tournament that had players on the edge of their seats. And the cherry on top? The tournament’s winner announced plans to use his prize money to build a farm in his hometown, a move that echoed the heart and soul of the Gods Unchained campaign, spreading joy and fulfillment to everyone who connected with the game.

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