PIF Nation x Legends of Arcadia Game Marketing Case Study

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PIF Nation collaborated with Legend of Arcadia to boost player retention and engagement as well as detect potential improvements and bugs. This case study delves deep into the strategies employed, the performance of the campaign, and the tangible results achieved.

Campaign Performance

The campaign’s performance was nothing short of stellar. With thousands of impressions, engagements, and active participation in quests and tournaments, the metrics speak for themselves. The influencer collaborations amplified the campaign’s reach, with thousands of views and engagements.

Total Impressions
Total Posts
Total Engagement

Campaign Strategies

Strategizing is the backbone of any successful campaign, and for Legend of Arcadia, a multi-pronged approach was adopted. The campaign was designed to tap into various channels and platforms to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Each strategy was meticulously planned and executed, from leveraging the power of social media to collaborating with influencers and hosting online events.

The diverse strategies ensured the campaign reached different segments of the game’s audience. Whether it was a casual gamer on social media or a hardcore player on Discord, the campaign had something for everyone. This comprehensive approach was pivotal in achieving the campaign’s objectives.

Influencer Collaborations

Influencers are pivotal in shaping opinions and driving engagement in the digital age. Collaborating with key opinion leaders (KOLs) for the Legend of Arcadia campaign was instrumental. Two prominent influencers, Andrea Hiz and Jasmin Estrella, were activated, resulting in significant visibility and engagement. Their content ranged from live streams and photos to video-on-demand presentations of the game’s tournaments.

Andrea Hiz: Facebook Posts

      • Posted a photo of her playing Legends of Arcadia with 514 engagements 
      • Streamed live on her FB Page playing Legends of Arcadia with 3.6k views and 364 engagements
      • Posted a VOD of her presenting Legends of Arcadia Tournament with 3.2K views and 221 engagements
      • Posted a photo of her playing Legends of Arcadia with 1.2K engagements

Jasmin Estrella: Facebook Posts

      • Streamed live on her FB Page playing Legends of Arcadia with 1.9k views and 219 engagements
      • Posted a photo of her playing Legends of Arcadia with 1.3K engagements
      • Posted a VOD of her presenting Legends of Arcadia Tournament, but it was removed due to copyright

The high engagement rates from both influencers underscore their influence and the relevance of their content to the game's target audience. It also emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable influencers who resonate with the brand and its audience. The removal of a VOD due to copyright issues serves as a reminder of the need for clear communication and understanding of content guidelines when collaborating with influencers.

Social Media Engagement

The power of social media in today’s digital age is undeniable. For Legend of Arcadia, this platform proved to be a goldmine. With 11 posts, the campaign garnered a whopping 6075 impressions. The engagement was noteworthy, with 195 interactions across all posts. Breaking it down platform-wise:


Engagement Rate
Reach Rate


Engagement Rate
Reach Rate

While Facebook reached a broader audience, Twitter's engagement was significantly higher. This suggests that while Facebook was effective in creating awareness, Twitter was more successful in fostering interaction and engagement with the content.

Community Management

Community is at the heart of any successful game. Our community management efforts were instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging among our players. Also, we ensured that our players were always in the loop and felt valued.

Total Number of People Reached

Total Engagement

The stark difference in reach between Facebook and Discord indicates the platform preferences of the game's community. With its real-time chat and community-building features, Discord emerged as a hub for the game's most engaged players. Effective community management fosters a sense of belonging among players and provides valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Online Events (Quests)

Quests were integral to this campaign. Offering $PIF & XP as incentives, there were 277 total quest participants. Of these, 151 secured the vote pass whitelist, but only 77 voted, according to the quest tracker. However, PIF Nation received 282 total upvotes. Twenty-five participants joined the white ore mining, while 27 competed in the leaderboard. Notably, PIF Nation secured the second spot in the guild leaderboard, and two players made it to the Arcadian Honor Roll.

Total Quest Participants
2nd Spot
Guild Leaderboard
Vote Pass Whitelist

The success of the online events underscores the importance of in-game activities in boosting player engagement. Offering tangible rewards and recognition motivates players to participate and compete, fostering a sense of achievement and community. The insights from the quests, such as the discrepancy between whitelist participants and actual voters, highlight areas for improvement in communication and user experience.

Player Testimonials


The collaboration between Legend of Arcadia and PIF Nation showed effective game marketing. The campaign succeeded remarkably through strategic social media engagement, influencer collaborations, robust community management, and enticing online events. The impressive metrics, combined with the positive feedback from the community, highlight the campaign’s impact in boosting player engagement and retention.

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