PIF Nation x D.G.Pals Game Marketing Case Study

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D.G.Pals embarked on a marketing journey with PIF Nation to amplify its player retention and engagement. The collaboration was designed to harness the power of various marketing strategies. 

In this case study, we will unveil the layers of our marketing campaign, diving deep into each strategy, analyzing the performance, and extracting valuable insights.

Campaign Performance and Strategies

Our campaign for D.G.Pals was a symphony of various strategies, each vital in boosting player retention and engagement. Social media became our stage, where a ballet of impressions and engagements unfolded. 

At the heart of our campaign for D.G.Pals was a bouquet of diverse strategies, each blooming with its unique impact, contributing to a garden of engagement and player retention. In the following sections, we will dive deeper into the strategies and impactful results they brought to D.G.Pals.

Influencer Collaborations

Collaborating with key opinion leaders like Angga, we crafted a narrative that resonated with the audience. This created a bridge of trust and engagement between D.G.Pals and its community.

Angga: YouTube Videos

    • Posted a VOD of him presenting D.G Pals with 10.2K views and 127 engagements
    • Posted an AMA of D.G Pals with 1.5K views and 41 engagements

Angga, with his influential aura, became a storyteller of D.G.Pals’ journey. Through a VOD, he unveiled the realms of D.G.Pals to an audience of 10.2K views, stirring 127 engagements. His AMA (Ask Me Anything) session further fostered a space for curiosity, interaction, and clarity, garnering 1.5K views and 41 engagements.

Social Media Engagement

Our journey on social media was marked by thoughtful strategies aimed at maximizing impressions and engagement. With 716 impressions emanating from a single, potent post, the campaign embarked on a journey of visibility and connection. The post became a beacon, attracting eyes, sparking interest, and fostering engagement, as evidenced by the 14 total engagements it garnered:


Total Impressions
Total Posts
Total Engagement
Engagement Rate
Reach Rate

Facebook emerged as a significant platform where our strategies navigated the waves of engagement and reach. With a 1.9% engagement rate and a 4.0% reach rate, Facebook became a harbor where our messages fostered awareness and interactions.

Community Management

The reach of our community management efforts painted a canvas of extensive interaction, with Facebook reaching 24,888 and Discord reaching an impressive 22,232. These numbers were the echoes of a community that felt heard, valued, and engaged.

Total Number of People Reached

Total Engagement

Analyzing our community management efforts, it’s evident that the strategies employed were instrumental in creating a flourishing environment. It was about building relationships, fostering a sense of unity, and creating a space where players could engage meaningfully with D.G.Pals.


Each EDM was a crafted composition, resonating with information, updates, and engaging content, aimed at keeping the D.G.Pals community tuned in.

EDMs Sent
Open Rate

Our EDM strategy orchestrated a significant outreach, with 40,606 EDMs sent out, each carrying the tunes of D.G.Pals’ latest features, events, and updates. With a 2.1% open rate and a 0.1% click-through rate (CTR), the EDMs found their audience, creating moments of engagement, curiosity, and connection.

Online Events (Quests)

Our quests were woven with incentives such as XP, beckoning players into a realm of exploration and achievement. With 437 total quest participants embarking on these adventures, the paths of engagement were bustling with activity. The quests unfolded stories of participation, with 293 participants navigating through the steps, leaving footprints of engagement across social media and gameplay.

Total Quest Participants
Social Media Quest Finishers
Gameplay Quest Finishers

The social media engagement quests shimmered with success, while the gameplay quests revealed areas for improvement and optimization. Geographically, the quests echoed the enthusiasm of diverse landscapes, with participants distributed evenly between the Philippines and Indonesia.


As the curtains fall on our marketing odyssey for D.G.Pals, we found valuable strategies, engagements, insights, and successes. At the heart of our campaign beats the rhythm of community engagement. The player interactions and ongoing engagement compose the symphony of our success. Social media became the stage where impressions and engagements flourished. Community management nurtured the roots of interaction and support. And online events brought excitement and challenge.

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