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From Console to Mobile: Unraveling Mario Kart Tour

Launched in 2019, Mario Kart Tour took the mobile gaming world by storm. Designed for both iOS and Android devices, this game brought the exhilarating world of Mario Kart racing right into the pockets of millions. Remember the first time you played a Mario Kart game? Well, this is that, but with the convenience of a mobile device. 

Background and Development

Nintendo is the mastermind behind Mario Kart Tour, a name synonymous with innovation in the gaming world. Developed by the talented folks at Nintendo EPD, this game is a testament to Nintendo’s commitment to bringing top-tier gaming experiences to diverse platforms. After witnessing the success of Super Mario Run, Nintendo decided it was time for Mario Kart to go mobile.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Mario Kart Tour retains the essence of the Mario Kart series but introduces fresh elements tailored for mobile gamers. Imagine racing through courses inspired by real-world cities! And if you’re feeling competitive, the multiplayer mode is just for you. Race against friends, family, or even players from across the globe. The thrill of overtaking an opponent in the final lap? Priceless!

Graphics and Sound

Visually, Mario Kart Tour is a feast for the eyes. The colors pop, the animations are fluid, and the attention to detail is impeccable. It’s Mario Kart like you’ve never seen before. And the sound? It’s an auditory delight, from the revving of engines to the iconic Mario Kart tunes. The voice acting brings our favorite characters to life, making each race feel like a mini adventure.

Storyline and Characters

While the primary focus is racing, Mario Kart Tour doesn’t skimp on character depth. Our beloved Mario, the ever-loyal Luigi, the charming Princess Peach, and many more appear. Each character brings their unique flair to the race, making every game session distinct and memorable. And as for the storyline, let’s say it’s classic Mario Kart fun without spoilers!

Tips and Tricks: Mastering Mario Kart Tour

  • Get to Know the Tracks: Every track in the game has a unique layout and shortcuts. Spend some time exploring each track. Those hidden paths give you the edge you need!
  • Master the Drift: Drifting isn’t just for style points; it’s essential for speed boosts. Start your drift early in turns, and release at the right moment to get that much-needed boost to zoom past your competitors.
  • Optimize Your Kart and Character Combos: Different characters, karts, and gliders offer bonuses on specific tracks. Experiment with combinations to find the perfect match for each race.
  • Collect Those Coins: Aim to collect as many coins as possible while racing. Not only do they boost your speed slightly, but they also help you unlock new items and characters in the game.
  • Use Items Strategically: Got a Red Shell or a Banana Peel? Don’t just use them immediately. Think about the best time to deploy them for defense or to take out a rival racer.
  • Log in Daily: Even if you don’t have time for a race, try to open the app daily. Mario Kart Tour often offers login bonuses, including coins, rubies, and even characters.
  • Practice in 50cc: If you’re new to the game or trying to master a particular track, start with the 50cc speed. It’s slower, giving you ample time to learn the nuances of each course.
  • Watch Out for Frenzy Mode: If you get three of the same item from an item box, you’ll enter Frenzy mode. It’s a short burst where you’re invincible and can use unlimited items. Make the most of it!
  • Connect with Friends: Mario Kart Tour is more fun with friends. Connect with them, compare scores, and challenge them to friendly races. Plus, you can earn extra rewards


In a nutshell, Mario Kart Tour is a masterclass in mobile gaming. It encapsulates the magic of the Mario Kart series while offering new, mobile-centric features. For budding game developers or established studios, if you want to make waves in the gaming industry, don’t miss out on PIF Nation’s game publishing solutions. Dive deep, innovate, and let’s redefine gaming together!

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