PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from March 18-22, 2024

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PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from March 18-22, 2024

Stay updated on the leading gaming news from March 18-22, 2024. Here are the latest game releases and significant events influencing the gaming sector.

Immutable’s $100M Fund to Pioneer Blockchain Gaming Innovations

Immutable, a leading developer platform for Web3 gaming, alongside venture capital firm King River Capital, with support from Polygon Labs, has unveiled the “Inevitable Games Fund” (IGF), a groundbreaking $100 million investment initiative aimed at propelling the growth of the Web3 gaming sector. The fund is set to foster innovation by backing game studios and infrastructure companies pioneering the blockchain gaming industry.

The collaboration is designed to leverage each party’s strengths. Immutable and Polygon Labs will spearhead the identification of promising investment opportunities. On the other hand, King River Capital will oversee the investment process to ensure the strategic deployment of the fund.

This strategic fund aims to tap into the vast potential of the Web3 gaming market. This sector has witnessed significant financial inflow, with approximately $19 billion in investments since 2018. 

Samsung Renames Game Launcher, Enhances Gaming Across Devices

Samsung is streamlining its gaming services by renaming its Game Launcher app to Gaming Hub. This change aligns with the naming convention of Samsung’s gaming services on smartphones and smart displays. The rebranding effort reduces confusion and creates a cohesive gaming experience for users across Samsung’s product range.

The Gaming Hub lets users connect a wireless controller and access popular game streaming services directly from their Samsung devices. It also enables users to play games without the need for downloads or installations. However, it’s available only in the US and Canada and is still in beta.

Catholic Priest Brings Faith to Roblox with MetaSaint

Catholic priest Fr. Rob Galea has announced the launch of MetaSaint, a Catholic-themed game on the popular Roblox gaming platform. Scheduled for release on Holy Thursday, 2024, MetaSaint aims to introduce the Gospel to Roblox’s 70 million daily users. It particularly targets children aged zero to 13.

Fr. Galea, a Maltese-Australian priest known for his musical performances at World Youth Day and appearances on Australia’s Got Talent, has long engaged with young people through his non-profit ICON Ministry. Recognizing a gap in reaching Generation Alpha, Fr. Galea saw an opportunity on Roblox.

Developed in collaboration with Dubbit, a leading game studio, MetaSaint offers an immersive experience where players can explore a virtual cathedral, engage in prayer and reflection, read Scripture, and participate in Bible-themed games and treasure hunts. At the end of their journey, players can become a ‘MetaSaint’ by lighting a virtual candle and receiving angel wings, symbolizing their commitment.

Fr. Galea emphasized the importance of child safety within MetaSaint, noting that additional measures have been taken to protect users, including disabling almost all user interactions and addressing the platform’s challenges with grooming.

Blizzard Revamps Diablo 4: A Makeover So Huge, It’s Essentially Diablo 5

Blizzard has announced an extensive update for Diablo 4 that is so transformative it could herald the arrival of Diablo 5. In a comprehensive Campfire Chat stream, the game developers unveiled a slate of modifications and enhancements to redefine the gaming experience in Season 4. This effectively makes Diablo 4 feel like an entirely new sequel.

The forthcoming season promises to revolutionize character progression and gameplay dynamics through an innovative loot crafting system, new dungeons, formidable bosses, and a host of quality-of-life improvements. One of the most anticipated changes is overhauling the loot system, introducing flexibility and customization previously unseen in Diablo 4. Gamers will now have the ability to shape their characters’ development and gear more creatively, drawing inspiration from other titles like Last Epoch and Path of Exile for a richer, more personalized gaming experience.

Central to the update is the introduction of two new crafting systems that allow players to modify gear stats to suit their desired builds, eliminating the tedious hunt for perfect items. For instance, using Tempering, a pair of gloves could be enhanced to add specific stats, such as increased movement speed or cooldown reduction. Further customization is made possible with the Masterworking system, which enables the enhancement of these stats up to 12 times, offering unprecedented control over character abilities and performance.

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