PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from November 13-17, 2023

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PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from November 13-17, 2023

The Top Gaming News from November 13-17, 2023

Explore the top gaming news from November 13-17, 2023. Stay informed about the eagerly awaited game launches and significant changes impacting the gaming world. Our summary provides you with information and noteworthy events in the gaming sector for this week.

Philippines Leads Southeast Asia in Mobile Gaming Growth, New Report Reveals

The Philippines is becoming a key player in the Southeast Asian gaming market, driven by its young population’s interest in mobile gaming and esports. According to the Games Market Report by Niko Partners, Inc., the country exhibits the highest growth in new mobile gamers within the region. This growth is supported by improved internet infrastructure, essential for online gaming. The Philippine gaming market is notably esports-centric, with significant investments in this area and a preference for esports titles among top games.

The report is part of the SEA-6 Games Market Reports series. It delves into the latest developments in the video games and esports industry across six major Southeast Asian markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It provides a understanding of the gaming market, drawing from a detailed survey of over 2,400 gamers in these regions. The insights include vital information on game publishers, popular genres, growth drivers, the esports scene, payment methods, financial transactions, regulations, and gamer preferences and behaviors.

This surge in the Philippines’ gaming market can be attributed to the country’s gamers who are notably open to exploring new gaming technologies. This openness, combined with the region’s growing internet capabilities, positions the Philippines as a formidable force in the Southeast Asian gaming landscape.

Samsung Enhances Gaming Hub with New Cloud Gaming Partnerships

Samsung Electronics has expanded its gaming offerings by incorporating Boosteroid, the world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider, into its Samsung Gaming Hub. This addition joins other major gaming platforms like Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna.

The integration of Boosteroid with the Samsung Gaming Hub allows users to access a wide range of popular game titles. This expansion aligns with Samsung’s commitment to providing high-quality game streaming. This will also make it easier for players to discover and enjoy their favorite games. According to Mike Lucero, Head of Gaming for Samsung Electronics America, the aim is to simplify access to game streaming. Samsung’s approach enables anyone with a Bluetooth game controller to start playing games using Samsung technology.

The Samsung Gaming Hub is previously available on 2022 and 2023 model Smart TVs and monitors. Now, it extends its services to 2020 model Smart TVs. This rollout makes game streaming accessible to millions of Samsung Smart TV owners worldwide. The hub allows access to thousands of games via individual apps from various game streaming partners. This provides a seamless gaming experience without the need for a console or PC. The global rollout for these features began earlier in the year, initially targeting customers in the United States and Canada.

PancakeSwap Unveils Gaming Platform, Expanding Crypto Ecosystem

PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has launched a new platform for blockchain gaming. The PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace began with two games, Pancake Protectors and Pancake Mayor. Pancake Protectors, a tower defense game, offers CAKE token rewards and has attracted over 25,000 daily players. Pancake Mayor, published by BinaryX, also includes CAKE rewards.

This marketplace aims to unite gamers, developers, and the PancakeSwap community to play, build, and connect. It offers developers access to PancakeSwap’s user base, which boasts 1.5 million potential monthly players. The platform facilitates the integration of CAKE tokens and PancakeSwap’s NFTs for monetization.

Originally launched on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain), PancakeSwap has expanded to support several blockchain networks. These networks include Ethereum, Polygon, Base, and Arbitrum One. This expansion into gaming is a significant step for PancakeSwap, leveraging its position in the blockchain world to create a new gaming ecosystem.

After Sonic’s Success, Sega Sets Sights on More Video Game Movies

Following the success of its “Sonic the Hedgehog” movies, Sega plans to bring more of its popular video games to the big screen and other platforms. At the Web Summit tech conference, Sega’s Chief Operating Officer, Shuji Utsumi, announced that the company is exploring ways to adapt more of its intellectual properties. This includes the potential for movie adaptations and experiences on gaming platforms like Roblox.

Two franchises highlighted for adaptation are “Yakuza” and “Persona”. “Yakuza” is a beat ’em up series, while “Persona” is a role-playing game franchise. Both have been very successful, with the “Yakuza” series selling over 21.1 million units since 2005 and “Persona 5” selling over 9 million copies worldwide. Sega aims to leverage the popularity of these games to reach a broader audience, including new releases like “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth” and two new “Persona” games in 2024.

Bethesda Faces Player Backlash Over Delayed Redfall Updates

Bethesda’s “Redfall” has encountered further delays in releasing its promised new content. The game, which had a rocky start earlier this year, continues to face challenges. The latest update from Arkane introduced a new weapon and various gameplay tweaks. However, the much-anticipated “Hero Pass,” a $30 upgrade offering two new heroes, is still in development and won’t be available until sometime in 2024.

Since its launch, “Redfall” has struggled with player engagement, with its concurrent player count on Steam dropping significantly. The game’s player base has expressed frustration over the delayed delivery of the deluxe edition content. This dissatisfaction is particularly acute among those who purchased the more expensive “Bite Back” edition or the separate “Hero Pass.”

While bringing some improvements and the new Basilisk sniper rifle, the latest update hasn’t significantly changed the game’s trajectory. Players have also expressed concerns over the lack of matchmaking, a key feature for a cooperative shooter like “Redfall.” The absence of this feature has limited players to either teaming up with friends or playing solo, which has been a point of criticism among the game’s community.

Despite these challenges, there’s some hope among the remaining players that future updates could turn the game’s fortunes around, similar to what was seen with “Cyberpunk 2077.” However, the pace of updates and the scale of current player dissatisfaction make a significant turnaround seem challenging. Bethesda has only commented that it is continuing to develop The Hero Pass and plans to share more about the new heroes and other updates next year.

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