PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from October 23-27, 2023

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PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from October 23-27, 2023

Discover the latest gaming news from October 23-27, 2023. Dive into the launch of anticipated game releases or updates and significant shifts reshaping the gaming landscape. We’ve gathered the essential updates and breakthroughs of the week, offering a streamlined overview of the most recent gaming news.

Sony’s New Access Controller Caters to Gamers with Disabilities

Sony has unveiled the Access controller, designed for individuals with disabilities. Working with gamers with disabilities, Sony carefully made a controller focusing on being user-friendly and customizable. The Access has a round design, making it easy to place on tables and wheelchair trays.

The gaming industry helped created the controller to help gamers with limited mobility. It lets gamers change button and thumbstick places, making gaming easier and more personal for everyone.

The design allows gamers like Paul Lane who has adapted to using his face and mouth for gaming following an accident. The company will release the Access on December 6, and it will retail at $90 in the United States.

Gamescom Asia 2023 Breaks Records in Singapore

Gamescom Asia 2023, Singapore’s premier gaming event, attracted over 34,000 peole and 136 exhibitors from 67 countries at Suntec Centre. Singapore became a gaming hub from October 19-22, with the Entertainment Zone showcasing over 100 game titles, including exclusive previews and classics.

The event highlighted various games, including indie and classics, with PlayStation, SEGA, and Ubisoft, showcasing gaming diversity. Gamescom Asia 2023 had 40+ talks and 4,200+ attendees, leaving fans excited for its return on October 17-20, 2024.

Players Discover Unexpected Ban Trigger in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) players have stumbled upon an unusual glitch in Valve’s anti-cheat system that bans players for overly rapid mouse movements. Players raising mouse DPI beyond 10,000 and swirling vigorously during game’s warm-up phase caused problems. This erratic behavior triggered the game’s anti-cheat mechanism, Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), resulting in bans.

Team enhanced VAC with VAC Live, banning players real-time during matches if cheating is detected. However, the system might have misinterpreted high-speed mouse movements as cheating. This has led to several players receiving bans despite not engaging in malicious activity.

Extreme DPI settings glitch raises questions on the reliability and accuracy of VAC’s real-time banning system. Valve has not yet commented on this issue. People expect a swift resolution from the company, given their quick responses to previous unfair player ban issues. Authorities advise against testing the glitch and urge caution for high DPI users until an official fix is released.

Explorer Reveals Stunning Water Features in Starfield’s Universe

In a remarkable discovery within the expansive universe of Starfield, a player has unveiled a planet brimming with extraordinary water features and diverse biomes. Player LuckyElroy found a moon, IXYLL III-B, with amazing different areas like wetlands and forests, each filled with unique life and features.

Starfield is famous for its huge, unique planets. But, planets full of life and filled with different areas and useful materials for crafting and research in the game are rare. IXYLL III-B, a new moon in the game, shows the game’s variety of planets. LuckyElroy found many beautiful places, like safe swamps and forests with alien fish. These show the game’s ability to create different lands and waters, making exploration exciting.

Next-Gen Consoles to Shine with Capcom’s Advanced RE Engine

Capcom, a titan in the gaming industry, is gearing up to elevate the gaming experience to unprecedented heights. The company is developing a next-generation RE Engine to power future games.

Capcom’s new engine shows their focus on innovation, aiming for top performance in the fast-changing gaming world. It ensures games look amazing and run smoothly on new consoles, keeping Capcom at the forefront of gaming technology. Capcom’s RE Engine, used in famous games like Resident Evil, is improving. It will make games look more real and exciting, offering gamers a fantastic new experience.

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