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The gaming industry in Southeast Asia is experiencing a remarkable surge, emerging as a vibrant digital entertainment hub. With a diverse and growing base of enthusiastic gamers, the region attracts attention from global giants and nurtures local talent. This blog post delves into the top 7 most popular game studios in Southeast Asia, each contributing uniquely to the region’s gaming landscape.

1. Passion Republic Games

Passion Republic Games is a dynamic game creator and artist team based in Malaysia. It has carved a niche for itself in the gaming world with over a decade of experience. Initially providing outsourcing services for AAA developers and publishers globally, they have grown into a respected game development studio. 

Their vision is to become a proud homegrown icon in the gaming industry, adopting a bold approach as both a game developer and publisher. They aim to deliver extraordinary content and experiences that captivate gamers worldwide.

Giga Bash by Passion Republic Games - Most Popular Game Studios in Southeast Asia

Giga Bash Gameplay Banner by Passion Republic Games

Passion Republic Games’ notable contribution to the gaming world is “GigaBash,” a brawler game that captures the essence of Kaiju films. GigaBash allows players to control Kaiju and engage in battles within destructible environments. The game features an array of attacks, special moves, and transformations into stronger monsters. 

Launched with 10 different monsters, GigaBash offers both local and online multiplayer modes, including a battle mode for free-for-all fights or team-based combat. The game also includes four single-player campaigns following individual monster stories and a Mayhem mode with various mini-games.


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2. Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese studio, has established itself as a significant player in the gaming industry, particularly known for its pioneering work with blockchain technology in gaming.  Through its products and initiatives, Sky Mavis aims to introduce the world to cryptocurrencies through nostalgic games and practical applications. They focus on building virtual worlds and the necessary infrastructure, as evidenced by their development of the Ronin blockchain. The Ronin blockchain is designed specifically for games with player-owned economies, making Sky Mavis a significant contributor to the blockchain gaming landscape.

Popular Games Developed

Axie Infinity Gameplay By Sky Mavis - Most Popular Game Studios in Southeast Asia
Axie Infinity Gameplay Banner by Sky Mavis

“Axie Infinity,” the flagship game of Sky Mavis, stands as a testament to their innovative approach. This virtual world is populated by Axies, creatures that players can collect, battle, breed, and use to build kingdoms. The game’s economy allows players to trade resources earned within the game. 

Axie Infinity’s popularity soared thanks to its play-to-earn model, where players can earn Ethereum-based in-game cryptocurrency through gameplay. However, Axie Infinity faced challenges, including a significant hack of the Ronin Network and fluctuations in the value of its in-game currency​​​​​​​​​​.

Common Pitfalls in Game Marketing

The journey of Sky Mavis in game development, particularly with “Axie Infinity,” illustrates some common pitfalls in game marketing. To learn more about these challenges and how to navigate them, explore our article 6 Common Mistakes Game Studios Make When Marketing in Southeast Asia.

3. Asphere Innovations

Asiasoft, now known as Asphere Innovations, is a prominent tech holding company and online game operator in Southeast Asia. Founded in Thailand in 2001, Asphere’s primary goal was to promote online gaming and content within the region. It has grown to serve countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Asphere’s core business includes publishing massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and co-developing new products. The company underwent a significant transformation in 2022, changing its name to Asphere Innovations to focus more on digital technology​​​​.

Popular Games Developed

PlayPark - Subsidiary of Asphere Innovations
PlayPark - Subsidiary of Asphere Innovations

Asiasoft has been pivotal in publishing several popular games in Southeast Asia. Some of its first published games include “Ragnarok Online” and “Dragon Raja Online.” Other notable games published by Asiasoft include “MapleStory,” “PangYa,” “Audition Online,” and “Grand Chase.” They also served as the official distributor for Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft” products in Singapore. Their subsidiary, PlayPark Pte Ltd, manages the game managing divisions and PT. Asiasoft in Indonesia has published several games, including “AIKA Online” and “Brawl Buster,” and currently runs titles like “Heart Castle” and “Line Dragonica Mobile.”


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4. Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia Pte. Ltd.

Bandai Namco Entertainment, initially founded in Japan, has established a significant presence in Southeast Asia, with its headquarters and base in Singapore. Formed in 2006 following the merger of Namco and Bandai, the company has become a powerhouse in the gaming industry. Bandai Namco Entertainment’s contribution to the gaming world extends beyond Japan, with a strong focus on meeting the unique demands of the Southeast Asian market​​​​.

Popular Games Developed

Tekken 8 banner by Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is known for popular game franchises like “Pac-Man,” “Tekken,” “Soulcalibur,” and “Dark Souls.” As the leading video game branch of Bandai Namco Holdings, they handle developing and publishing various games that have garnered global acclaim​​​​.

The success of Bandai Namco Entertainment in the Asian market, particularly with its strategic Singapore base, illustrates the importance of regional understanding in game marketing. For insights into the impact of influencers in game marketing, read our article “Tips for Game Studios to Maximize ROI with Gaming Influencers in Singapore“.

5. Garena

Garena, established in Singapore, is a distinguished game developer and publisher of free online games. It serves as the digital entertainment arm of its parent company, Sea Ltd. Garena has made significant strides in distributing various game titles across Southeast Asia and Taiwan. One of their most remarkable achievements is the “Free Fire” release in 2017, which amassed over 150 million daily active users globally by May 2021. In 2014, Garena was valued as a US$1 billion internet company and ranked as the largest internet company in Singapore. Their acquisition of Vancouver-based Phoenix Labs, the developers of “Dauntless” in January 2021, marked an expansion of their international presence​​​​​​​​​​.

Popular Games Developed

Call of Duty Mobile by Garena - Most Popular Game Studios in Southeast Asia
Call of Duty Mobile banner by Garena

Garena has developed and published a range of influential games. Their platform supports titles like “Defense of the Ancients” and “Age of Empires,” and they have published games such as”Free Fire,” “Call of Duty,” and “Black Shot” for the regional market. Their breakthrough game, “Free Fire,” and its subsequent iteration, “Free Fire MAX,” launched globally in 2021, have been particularly successful, cementing Garena’s reputation as a leading game publisher in the region​​​​.

Successful Marketing Strategies

Garena’s success can be attributed to their innovative marketing strategies. Their approach in popularizing “Free Fire” involved tapping into the vast mobile gaming market and leveraging its accessibility and engaging gameplay to attract a massive global audience. This strategy demonstrates the effectiveness of understanding and catering to the target market’s preferences.

Explore our article “7 Game Marketing Strategies That Worked Wonders in Singapore” for more insights into successful game marketing strategies.

6. Anino Inc.

Anino Inc., originally known as Anino Games, is a pioneering Philippine game development company established by Niel Nagondon. It’s recognized as the first game development company in the Philippines, significantly contributing to the nation’s gaming industry. Anino consists of two main divisions. First is Anino Entertainment, which focuses on PC, console, and virtual reality games. Second is Anino Mobile, which is dedicated to mobile game development. 

The studio’s notable achievements include the release of “Anito: Defend A Land Enraged,” the first Filipino-made game, which gained international acclaim and awards such as the 2003 Gametunnel Role-Playing Game of the Year and Innovation in Audio at the 2004 Independent Games Festival. Anino was acquired by Bangkok-based developer Pocket PlayLab in 2014, marking a significant milestone in its history​​​​​​.

Popular Games Developed

Anito Defend A Land Enraged by Anino Studio - Most Popular Game Studios in Southeast Asia
Anito Defend A Land Enraged banner by Anino Studio

Anino has developed several acclaimed games, including “Anito: Defend A Land Enraged,” “Anima Wars,” “Anito: Tersiago’s Wrath,” “Deep Interactive Pursuit,” and “Word Archery.” “Word Archery,” Anino Entertainment’s first casual game for PC, won 2nd place at the Indie Game Developers Showcase in 2017. Anino Mobile, established in 2005, has been a finalist in the International Mobile Gaming Awards, with its game “Anima Wars” being one of the top 25 finalists out of 400 studios worldwide​​​​.

Maximizing Returns in Southeast Asia

In the competitive gaming market of Southeast Asia, developers like CyberPlanet have demonstrated the importance of diversifying game portfolios and catering to various gaming platforms. Understanding Southeast Asia’s unique gaming culture and preferences is crucial for developers looking to maximize returns in this dynamic market.

For more insights and tips on maximizing returns for game developers in Southeast Asia, visit “7 Essential Tips for Game Developers Looking to Publish in Southeast Asia“.

7. IGG Singapore Pte. Ltd.

IGG Inc., also known as “I Got Games,” began as a Chinese video game developer and publisher in 2006. Since 2009, IGG has been headquartered in Singapore, operating under the name “IGG Singapore Pte. Ltd.” (formerly “Sky Union Pte. Ltd.”). The company has expanded globally with branches across the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Belarus, Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Renowned for developing mobile games, IGG has gained prominence in the industry, being listed by App Annie as one of the “Top 52 Publishers” for seven consecutive years​​​​.

Popular Games Developed

Castle Clash gameplay banner
Castle Clash gameplay banner by IGG

IGG is best known for its development of popular mobile games like “Lords Mobile,” “Castle Clash,” and “Clash of Lords.” “Lords Mobile,” launched in 2016, stands out as IGG’s first cross-platform, multi-language, real-time game designed for a global audience. With around 320 million registered users as of June 2020, “Lords Mobile” has achieved remarkable success, dominating the worldwide rankings as the top-grossing mobile war strategy game for two consecutive years since its release.

IGG Singapore’s success with “Lords Mobile” underscores why Singapore is an ideal game launchpad. The strategic location and a vibrant tech ecosystem provide the perfect environment for game studios to thrive and reach a global audience. For more context on the region’s appeal in the gaming industry, visit “Why Singapore is the Ideal Launchpad for Your Game.”



In conclusion, exploring the top 7 most popular game studios in Southeast Asia reveals a vibrant and innovative gaming landscape. With their unique creativity and dedication, these studios have significantly contributed to the global gaming industry. The burgeoning gaming hub is poised to make even more remarkable strides, promising exciting opportunities for gamers, developers, and collaborators worldwide, including those seeking partnerships with game marketing agencies in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The future is bright for these studios as they continue to shape the global gaming narrative.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top game developers in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia’s gaming market is rich with talented developers. While many may not be household names globally, they are influential players regionally. Notable among them are Malaysia’s Kaigan Games, known for story-based games like “Sara is Missing” and “Simulacra 1 and 2,” and Passion Republic Games, creators of “GigaBash.” Vietnam’s Sky Mavis, the developer behind the NFT-based game “Axie Infinity,” also stands out​​.
Tencent Holdings Ltd. holds the title of the largest gaming company in Asia. In 2021, Tencent’s gaming business reported a revenue of approximately $27.38 billion, a 12% increase from the previous year. This growth underscores the company’s significant impact on the gaming market both in Asia and globally​​.
In the dynamic Southeast Asia gaming market, key players include international giants like Sony, Asiasoft, IGG Inc., com2uS Corporation, and Nintendo Co. Ltd. These companies have established a strong presence in the region, contributing to its growing reputation as a hub for gaming innovation and development​​.
Anino Inc., formerly known as Anino Playlab and Anino Games, Inc., is recognized as the premier game developer in the Philippines. Since its inception in 2002, Anino Inc. has developed over 60 games and earned a reputation as a multi-awarded studio and a pioneer in the Philippine gaming industry​​.
Based on market capitalization, the top three video game companies are Microsoft, Tencent, and Sony. Microsoft, with its significant gaming segment, leads with a market cap of $2.743 trillion. Tencent follows with a market cap of $386.38 billion, and Sony, known for its PlayStation console and gaming titles, has a market cap of $105.04 billion​​.
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