PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from October 2-6, 2023

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PIF Picks: The Top Gaming News from October 2-6, 2023

Explore our comprehensive summary of the latest gaming news from October 2-6, 2023. From unveiling eagerly awaited games to major industry transformations, we’ve collated the week’s pivotal gaming highlights for your convenience.

Diablo 4 Will Be Accessible on Another Platform This Month

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled that Diablo 4 will soon be accessible on Steam. The developers announced this move during a recent livestream. The livestream highlights the forthcoming “Season of Blood” and the various enhancements planned for the game. Previously exclusive to Battle.net on PC, Diablo 4 will be available on Steam starting October 17, coinciding with the release of the “Season of Blood.”

The past season, known as the “Season of the Malignant,” faced criticism from many players. However, Blizzard is taking proactive steps to rectify past mistakes. The upcoming season promises new bosses, unique items, and other features. A notable addition is the introduction of Uber Duriel, designed to farm the elusive Uber Uniques in the game.

However, it’s worth noting that players will need a Battle.net account to play the game on Steam, ensuring they can enjoy its cross-platform features. 

Sony Faces Cybersecurity Challenges with Two Recent Data Breaches

Sony has recently confirmed two significant data breaches that took place this year, potentially exposing the personal information of over 6,000 individuals. The initial breach transpired in May, compromising the data of 6,791 US residents. Hackers exploited a vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer platform to link to the breach and access Sony’s code and personal data. Sony detected this intrusion on June 2 and initiated an investigation with the help of cybersecurity experts and law enforcement.

A subsequent breach occurred later, with hackers claiming to have stolen up to 3.14 GB of data from Sony’s online systems. This data included details related to the SonarQube platform, certificates, Creators Cloud, and more. Investigations showed that hackers confined this breach to a Japanese server Sony used for internal testing.

While the second breach’s impact on personal data remains uncertain, Sony has taken measures to address the first breach’s consequences. Affected individuals are being notified and offered credit monitoring and identity restoration services through Equifax until February 29, 2024.

Sega’s Most Expensive Game ‘Hyenas’ Faces Unexpected Cancellation

In a surprising turn of events, Sega has confirmed the cancellation of its much-anticipated multiplayer shooter game, “Hyenas.” What makes this decision even more shocking is the revelation that “Hyenas” had the highest budget ever allocated by Sega for a video game. The game’s cancellation came close to its scheduled release date, raising eyebrows and questions within the gaming community.

On September 28, Sega decided to pull the plug on “Hyenas” and cancel several other titles. While many of these games remained under wraps, “Hyenas” had garnered significant attention. Financial challenges faced by Sega’s European operations were cited as the primary reason for the game’s cancellation.

In an interview with VGC, a former developer revealed that “Hyenas” boasted the “company’s biggest budget” ever. To put this into perspective, the game’s budget surpassed “Shenmue,” a 1999 title that cost Sega approximately $70 million. Speculations regarding the reasons for the game’s cancellation have been rife. A YouTube channel Volound video featuring insights from anonymous developers highlighted several development challenges, including a “total lack of direction.”

Other factors potentially influencing Sega’s decision include a perceived internal disinterest, fierce competition from existing multiplayer shooters, and significant changes in the game’s characters and tone. Additionally, the game’s transition from a premium model to a free-to-play format with microtransactions might have played a role.

BioWare, a renowned developer known for its iconic RPG franchises like “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age,” is facing legal challenges from seven former employees. These individuals, laid off in August, have filed a lawsuit against the developer, alleging wrongful termination and potential legal violations.

The lawsuit comes when BioWare has been scrutinized for its recent game releases. While “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” received positive feedback, other titles like “Mass Effect: Andromeda” and “Anthem” were met with mixed reactions. The company’s decision to eliminate nearly 50 positions in August raised concerns about its future direction. This workforce reduction saw some employees reassigned within the parent company EA, while others were let go.

The seven former employees claim that BioWare’s treatment during their termination was “unreasonably poor.” They have approached Alberta’s Court of King’s Bench, seeking fair severance pay and punitive damages. Their legal representative, R. Alex Kennedy from Worobec Law Offices, asserts that BioWare may have violated Canada’s Employment Standards Code by attempting to diminish employee termination benefits.

One of the plaintiffs mentioned their support for BioWare’s upcoming projects but expressed confusion over the company’s actions. They also highlighted the challenges of finding new employment, especially with the inability to showcase their recent work due to existing NDAs. Currently, neither BioWare nor EA have issued any statements regarding the lawsuit.

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